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Out of Darkness: Film Transcription

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Out of Darkness is a deep dive into the African psyche as explored and explained through an African cultural perspective, communicated by some of the most highly credentialed and well researched scholars, educators, orators, and master teachers of the African community. This transcription of the original documentary film has been formatted for print and other literary forms so as to more accurately tell the story of African people, placing African history in its proper context and further explaining to African people their relationship to other peoples and to nations of the world. Out of Darkness recovers the missing pages of world history, placing ancient Egypt in its proper cultural context as an African civilization and following the migration of these ancient people west across North Africa as they moved into Spain, bringing with them a culture that would help to bring Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the modern era. Detailing the importance of Nile Valley Civilization and its influence on the cultures of the world, Out of Darkness further explains the reason for the “War on African History” and the need to cover up evidence of the African presence in Ancient America, in addition to the truth about the Moors in Europe and about Moorish history and culture. Out of Darkness continues by explaining the concept of Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder while examining the concepts of racism and white supremacy through the lens of psychological terrorism. In conclusion, Out of Darkness explores real solutions for African people moving forward, teaching them how to become functional members of their communities as expressed through the concepts of nationhood and nation building.

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